Why Rent Mamma Mia from Front Row Theatrical Rental?

6 Reasons to Rent Mamma Mia From Front Row:

Cost Savings over DIY

Renting a set or costume package is easier and can be less expensive than DIY builds and drop rentals.

A Turntable!

Our The Mamma Mia set rental is a beautiful unit set with a functional second story and a turn table!

Piece of Mind

Get piece of mind with Front Row rentals via on-site tech's, concierge alterations, and installation videos*.

Rentals for all Budgets

From small schools to major regional theatres, Front Row offers something for every budget.

1 - Truck Shipping

Each set ships in a single semi- trailer. This saves clients an average of $4712 over comparable two truck shows.

Stagehand Owned

Front Row Theatrical Rental is a company run by stage hands created for theatre people.

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The Set

Premium Set Rental

Scenery Details:

  • Built: 2018
  • Set Size: Large
  • Wing Space: Minimal
  • # Trucks to Ship: 1

Rigging Details:

  • Line Sets Needed: 3
  • Soft Drops Included: 2
  • Hard Legs/ Headers?: Yes/ Yes
  • Ground-row?: Yes

Assembly Difficulty:

  • Unload Crew: 8+
  • Set Make-Up: Wagons, Hard pieces, turntable
  • Ground / Up Riggers?: Yes/ Yes
  • Installation Hours: 7-12+

Crew Operation:

  • Show Crew: 3+
  • Fly-men?: 1+
  • 2nd Story?: Yes

Premium Set Description

Front Row's Mamma Mia premium set rental was built in 2018. The design borrows inspiration from the Broadway show, the movie and actual Greek architecture. This large unit set boasts a fully functional second story, usable doors, windows and functional lights. The set also features a manually operated 10' wide turntable that revolves the stage right apartment revolves on to reveal the inside of the apartment for interior scenes.

Additional scenes include Sophie's bed, the beach, the jettie and the wedding.

This set has been designed for venues with medium to large stages. The scenery is mostly a unit set with some additional set props. A fly system is not required with this set. Installation will take between 7 and 12 hours depending on size of crew and the familiarity with standard set installation techniques.

The Costumes

Costume Rentals

Costume Details:

  • Built: 2018
  • Plot Size: Large
  • Cast Supported: 30+
  • # Pallets to Ship: 2

Alteration Details:

  • Alterations Allowed?: Some
  • Sleeves?: Yes
  • Hems?: Yes
  • Inseams?: Yes

Sizing Information:

  • Principals Size Range: 4-16
  • Ensemble Bottoms: 28-40 / 4-14
  • Ensemble Tops: 34-44/ S-XL
  • Wigs Included?: NO

Cleaning Information:

  • Dry Clean Only: Some
  • Machine Wash?: Some

Costume Rental Description

T his The Mamma Mia costume rental package was built in 2018. The design of the costume rental closely follows the Broadway show plot but has taken inspiration from a variety of other productions as well as the movie. The package is designed for a large cast of 30+. This rental boasts beautiful jumpsuits for the women and the dads for the Mega-mix, fantastic wedding attire for the whole cast and of course great everyday clothing for the rest of the show. All of Front Row Theatrical Rental's costumes rentals are of professional quality. There are no cheap or see through Amazon or Party-City costumes.

Ensemble costumes in the Front Row Theatrical Rental The Mamma Mia costume rental package come in a variety of sizes to fit a wide array of body types and sizes. Front Row offers tailoring and alterations at an additional cost, or renters may make their own temporary alterations so as to fit their cast.

Drops, Projections and Plans

Drops, Projections and Plans

S tarting in 2018, Front Row Theatrical Rental will be offering two new exciting rentals for Mamma Mia - drops and projections. The Mamma Mia projection rentals customers can choose between static images for scenes as well as moving images that make the audience feel as if they are actually a part of the scene. For those who prefer a more traditional approach, the Mamma Mia drop rentals are an excellent option. Drops can be rented as a package or individually.

In addition to the two new rentals, Front Row will be offering a new way to build your own professionally designed set - professional set plans. With pre-designed set plans, theatres can build their own set following a purchased copy of professionally design plans. Customers receive a copy of the blue prints, renderings, paint elevations, ground plans and scene shift plots allowing them to build and stage their own version of the show from scratch.

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Mamma Mia Pictures & Info

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