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Premium Set

  • Donna's Apartment - the whole unit is on a turntable that spins to revel the interior of the apartment. The second story is also functional.
  • Stage Left Apartment - Features a functional door and porch area.
  • < href="img/set-a/3.jpg">Apartment exterior stairs - allows outside access to top of Donna's apartment.
  • Rear "sea wall" - Separates the apartments from the upstage area
  • Bell archway - plays upstage right. Attaches to the seawall
  • Show backdrop/ cyc - Hand painted drop with skyline and additional Greek buildings

  • Props

    Below are the *only* props items to come with the set.

  • -

  • Set Dressing & Furniture

    Below are the *only* set dressing and furniture items to come with the set. Window treatments, table cloths, etc unless listed, are not included.

  • Decorative Ivy- For adorning apartments
  • Sophie's Bed Frame - Used in the nightmare. Not rolling, no matress or dressing
  • 2x benches - Used in scenes like the wedding and others at renters choosing.
  • Practical lighting - to attach to the apartments. Does NOT include special lights for the Mega Mix at the end of the show.

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